Giovanna Elvira Granato*, Filomena Fiorito, Roberto Ciarcia, Luisa De Martino, Salvatore Florio, Ugo Pagnini
Filomena Fiorito*, Roberto Ciarcia, Giovanna Elvira Granato, Gabriella Marfè, Luisa De Martino, Salvatore Florio
O7   A Drosophila model for the study of Shigella virulence factors.
M Kawalec*, M Ogawa, C Punginelli, V Leclerc, C Sasakawa, J-M Reichhart
PS1.41   A flounder gill cell line as a model to study the invasion process of Edwardsiella tarda into marine fish
B Wang*, L Song, T Yu, Y Han, X-H Zhang
PS2.53   A Large Double Stranded DNA Virus Life Cycle Is Strongly Dependent On Rab Proteins
MA Cuesta-Geijo, B Hernaez, M Cabezas, C Alonso*
PS1.59   A novel transcription factor of Entamoebahistolytica EhURE1BP, a homologue to mammalian p100
Mercedes Calixto*, Monica Romero, Esther Orozco, Mario Rodríguez
PS2.50   A recombinant form of Trypanosoma cruzi P21 upregulates different pathogens cell invasion
T. Mordente, R. G. B. Gomes, M. A. de Souza, D. Bahia, R. A. Mortara, C. V. da Silva*
PS2.29   A Type VI Secretion System contributes to the virulence of Salmonella enterica serotype Gallinarum
CJ Blondel*, JC Jimenez, H Yang, HL Andrews-Polymenis, I Contreras, CA Santiviago
PS1.16   Activation of MMP-9 by Human Lung Epithelial Cells in Response to Burkholderia cenocepacia Infection Reduced Wound Healing of Confluent Lung Epithelia
C Wright, R Pilkington, M Callaghan, S McClean*
PS1.6   Adenoviral vaccine alters the program of pathogen-specific protective CD8+ T cells expanded after an infectious challenge by selectively blocking the apoptotic signalling receptor CD95 (Fas) expression.
JR Vasconcelos, O Bruna–Romero, AV Machado, RT Gazzinelli, KR Bortoluci, MM Rodrigues*
O6   Albugo Genomics to Investigate Pathogen Virulence Mechanisms and Host Specificity
Eric Kemen*, Torsten Schultz-Larsen, Ariane Kemen, Anastasia Gardiner, Alexi Balmuth, Eric Holub
PS2.38   An Animal Model for Biofilm Formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Uliana Komor*, Jadwiga Jablonska, Sara Leschner, Susanne Haußler, Siegfried Weiss
PS2.54   An Autotransporter Protein of Orientia tsutsugamushi Promotes Adherence to Non-phagocytic Host Cells
Na Young Ha*, Nam Hyuk Cho, Myung Sik Choi, Ik sang Kim
PS1.44   Analysis of the population structure of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes
J Ferrer*, C Prats, D López, D Gargallo-Viola, J Valls
PS2.42   Anaphylatoxin Escape by Candida albicans Complement Regulator Acquiring Surface Protein 2
D Kupka*, S Luo, U-C Hippler, R Hoffmann, B Hube, PF Zipfel
PS1.5   Antibacterial Effect of Subcellular Vesicles Derived of Neutrophilic Granulocytes
E Ligeti*, C I Timar, A M Lörincz, D W Powell, K R McLeish
PS2.47   Are determinants of cell entry and virulence synonymous for American trypanosomes?
K M Tyler*, C E Butler, G Wheeler
PS2.46   ARF6 GTPase, Annexin A2 and Galectin-3 are associated with cell invasion by Trypanosoma cruzi extracellular amastigotes
L. Cruz, M.J. Hayes, S.E. Moss, M.C. Roque-Barreira, R.A. Mortara, C.V. da Silva*
PS2.44   Arthroderma benhamiae Uses a Dual Strategy to Evade Host Complement Attack
S Schindler*, AA Brakhage, PF Zipfel
PS2.62   Attenuated IglH and DsbA deletion mutants created in Francisella tularensis ssp. Holarctica demonstrating different level of protection have distinct intracellular fate
Lukas Cerveny*, Adela Straskova, Petra Spidlova, Davor Belcic, Marina Santic, Jiri Stulik
PS1.27   B.melitensis strain B115 As Vaccine Against Brucella spp. Infections.
Rosanna Adone, Massimiliano Francia, Claudia Pistoia, Paolo Pasquali*
PS2.31   Bacterial Macroscopic Rope-like Fibers with Cytophathic and Adhesive Properties
J. Xicohtencatl-Cortes, Z. saldana, W. Deng, B.B. Finlay, J.L. Puente, J.A. Girón*
PS2.24   Binding of the human complement regulators FH and C4BP to pathogenic Leptospira species is mediated by the leptospiral surface protein LcpA
AS Barbosa*, D Monaris, LB Silva, SA Vasconcellos, L Isaac, PAE Abreu
PS1.17   Biological response of mitochondria to humic substances in vitro and in vivo
Ladislav Vaško*, Janka Vašková
O12   Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin hijacks its β2 integrin receptor into lipid rafts to accomplish translocation across target cell membrane
L. Bumba*, J. Masin, R. Fiser, P. Sebo
PS2.63   Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin induces calcium infflux into CD11b+ cells through non voltage-sensitive L-type-like calcium channels.
c. martin*, K.B. Uribe, h. ostolaza
PS2.67   Broad-spectrum toxin inhibitors protecting mice against ricin
B Stechmann, SK Bai, E Gobbo, G Merer, S Pinchar, D Gillet*
PS2.7   Cathepsins B and S Content in Mycobacterium ContainingCompartments in Human Macrophages and Dendritic cells
D Pires, P Bettencourt, E Anes*
PS2.48   Cell death induced by Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in neural cells has apoptotic and autophagic characteristics
Luisa De Martino*, Simone Sampaolo, Claudio de Martinis, Emmanuele Manco, Margherita Simonetti, Giuseppe Di Iorio
PS1.9   Cellular Host-Pathogen Interactions
F. Haile*
PS2.23   Characterisation of mutants within the Francisella pathogenicity island
JE Bröms*, M Lavander, M Lindgren, L Meyer, A Sjöstedt
PS1.57   Characterization of Phosphoglycerate Kinase on the Surface of Group B Streptococcus
T J Boone*, G J Tyrrell
PS2.41   Chikungunya virus mobilizes the apoptotic machinery to invade host cells and escape innate immune recognition.
P Krejbich-Trotot*, M Denizot, JJ Hoarau, MC Jaffar-Bandjee, T Das, P Gasque
PS2.12   Chlamydia pneumoniae inhibits activated human T lymphocyte proliferation by the induction of multiple apoptotic pathways
N Olivares-Zavaleta*, R.J. Messer, K.R. Braughton, H.D. Caldwell
PS1.10   Chlamydia trachomatis growth inhibition in a HEK293 cell line induced by expression of antimicrobial peptides genes from the venom of the spider Lachesana tarabaevi
V.N. Lazarev*, M.M. Shkarupeta, N.F. Polina, E.S. Kostrjukova, S.A. Levitskii, S.A. Kozlov
PS1.45   Chlamydia trachomatis infection causes mitotic spindle pole defects independently from its effects on centrosome amplification.
A.E. Knowlton*, H.M Brown, T.S. Richards, L.A. Andreolas, R.K Patel, S.S. Grieshaber
O10   Chlamydia trachomatis overrides the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint causing host cells to fail in cytokinesis
HM Brown*, AE Knowlton, SS Grieshaber
PS1.49   Comparison of Coat Protein Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequences of an Iranian Isolate of Pelargonium Leaf Curl Virus Infecting Pelargonium with Available Coat Protein Sequences in Gene Bank
malihe Safari*, mina Koohi Habibi, Gholam Hossein Mosahebi, Akbar Dizaji
PS2.64   Coronatin-1 Isolated from Entomopathogenic Fungus Conidiobolus coronatus Kills Galleria mellonella Hemocytes in vitro and Forms Potassium Channels in Black Lipid Membrane
W. Wieloch, M.I. Bogus*, M. Ligeza, I. Koszela-Piotrowska, A. Szewczyk
PS2.55   Could Macropinocytosis Be a New Trypanosoma cruzi's Entry Pathway into Peritoneal Macrophages?
E.S Barrias*, L.C Reignault, W De Souza, T.M.U Carvalho
PS2.8   CsrRS Regulates Group B Streptococcus Virulence Gene Expression in Response to Environmental pH: A New Perspective On Vaccine Development
Isabella Santi, Benedetta Di Palo*, Renata Grifantini, Cecilia Brettoni, Sheng-Mei Jiang, Michael R. Wessels
O9   Defense and Counter-Defense in the Drosophila RNAi-based Immune System
JT Van Mierlo, RP Van Rij*
PS2.32   Different Regulation of Iron Uptake and Storage of Typ A and Type B Strains of F. tularensis Influences Their Susceptibility to H2O2 Induced Killing
HL Lindgren*, MH Honn, AS Sjöstedt
PS2.27   Distribution of aatA, aap, and aggR pathogenic genes among Uropathogenic Echerichia coli (UPEC) and their linkage with StbA gene
neda Merikhi*, ahmad kohfar, naghme merikhi, ali nazemi
PS2.71   Dynamic and Correlative Imaging of host cell infection by Leishmania donovani reveals intracellular parasite motility, Recruitment and Exocytosis of Lysosomes and Host Cell Wounding
CL Forestier*, C Machu, C Loussert, P Pescher, GF Spaeth
PS1.40   Dynamics of DNA synthesis during the trophozoite to cyst differentiation cycle of Entamoeba invadens
Nishant Singh*, Jaishree Paul, Sudha Bhattacharya
PS1.2   EFFECT OF Escherichia coli ENDOTOXIN ON Archachatina marginata HAEMOLYMPH COAGULATION SYSTEM
M.O. Salawu*, O.B. Oloyede, A.T. Oladiji, N.O. Muhammad, M.T. Yakubu
PS1.58   Effect of kinases, actin and dynamin inhibitors in Toxoplasma gondii egress from host cells
L. A. Caldas*, M. Attias, W. de Souza
PS2.5   Effects of polygonum avicular on proliferation and apoptotic gene expression of breast cancer cell line
Amaneh Mohammadi Roushandeh*, Mehryar Habibi Roudkenar, Abbas Deazar, Raheleh Halabian, Hossein Bannazadeh Baghi, Behnaz Sadeghzadeh Oscoiui
PS1.13   Elevated incidence of HTLV-1 infection in a highly inbred human population inhabiting the center of Marajo Island in the debouchment of Amazon river, Brazil
LKS Pamplona, ECG da Mata, SD Sousa, VYK Sousa, J Casseb, LIB Kanzaki*
PS2.57   Endocytic trafficking of antibody-opsonized mature and immature dengue virus particles
N.V. Ayala-Nuñez*, J. Wilschut, J.M. Smit
PS1.24   Fermented metabolites from Lactic acid bacteria promote innate immune functions against pathogen
Y Kato-Mori*, K Hagiwara
PS1.21   Functional analysis of invariant Natural Killer T cells in human paracoccidioidomycosis
VG Batista, L Teixeira, AJS Duarte, MCL Moraes, G Benard*
PS1.52   Functional analysis of Shigella needle tip protein IpaD reveals domains managing early virulence events
L Schiavolin*, A Meghraoui, A Allaoui
PS1.7   Gene Expression Downstream of the MyD88-Independent Pathway is essential for controlling Intracellular fate of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Mouse Macrophage Cell line (RAW 264.7)
P Utaisincharoen*, M Pudla, S Sirisinha
PS1.25   Gene Expression Profiling of the Interaction between Plasmodium falciparum and Natural Killer Cells
E Böttger*, E Grangeiro de Carvalho, E Abou Ouf, S Meese, J.F.J. Kun
PS1.33   Genome Wide Expression Profiling of A Murine Acute Melioidosis Model Reveals New Insights Into How Burkholderia pseudomallei Circumvents Innate Immunity
Chui-Yoke Chin*, Denise Monack, Sheila Nathan
PS2.35   Golgi vesicle trafficking machinery is exploited by Chlamydia pathogen
Vladimir Lupashin*, Irina Pokrovskaya, Uma Nagarajan
PS2.56   Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) targets macrophage reverse cholesterol transport to infect hepatocytes
Knud Esser*, Georg Gasteiger, Xiaoming Cheng, Mathias Broxtermann, Percy Knolle, Ulrike Protzer
PS2.20   Herpesvirus saimiri Tip Induces Phosphorylation but not Nuclear Translocation of STAT6 in T cells
Yuri Kim, Myung-Sik Choi*, Ik-sang Kim, Nam-Hyuk Cho
PS1.39   HIV interaction with target cell: the relevance of CCR8 chemokine receptor as coreceptor for HIV-1 and HIV-2
M Calado*, P Matoso, Q Santos-Costa
PS1.43   HIV-1 assembly in human macrophages: From Gag synthesis to virus release
R Gaudin*, M Schindler, P Benaroch
PS1.54   HIV-1 uses a neuroimmune receptor, VPAC1, to facilitate its integration
Y. Katsman, J. Speare, E. Bloch, D.R. Branch*
PS1.14   HLA-B molecules target more conserved regions of HIV-1 proteome
A.I.F Costa, X Rao*, E.L Chenadec, D Baarle, C Keşmir
PS1.23   Host Pathogen Interactions Are Critical In The Outcome Of H5N1 Infections In Chickens And Ducks
S Burggraaf*, J Bingham, W Kimpton, A.G.D Bean
PS2.43   How Pathogenic Mycobacteria Persist in the Lipid-Rich Environment of a Foamy Macrophage
I. Brändli, D. Marais, L. Thilo, C. de Chastellier*
PS1.62   Human and murine PMN migration is reduced by SpyCEP, a streptococcal protease responsible for IL-8 cleavage
N. Chiappini*, A.K. Seubert, M. Gallotta, V. Nardi Dei, C. Faralla, D. Serruto
PS2.10   Identification and Characterization of A Novel Regulator STM0029 which Contributes to Salmonella Intracellular Survival and Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides
Heng-Chang Chen*, Peter Schwerk, Karsten Tedin
PS1.60   Identification and characterization of putative adhesins of atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli that bind to extracellular matrix components
SS Rossato, AS Barbosa, WP Elias, RMF Piazza*
PS2.58   Identification of Host Cell Factors Required for Uukuniemi Virus (Bunyaviridae) Infection Revealed by a Genome Wide siRNA Silencing Screen
R. Meier*, P.-Y. Lozach, P. Horvath, G. Csúcs, A. Helenius
PS1.37   Immature dengue virus: A veiled pathogen?
IA Rodenhuis-Zybert, JM Da Silva-Voorham, B Moesker, V Ayala-Nuñez, JC Wilschut, JM Smit*
PS1.32   Immune Evasio on Leptospira: Identification of Surface Bacterial Ligands to Human Complement Regulator Factor H
MM Castiblanco Valencia, TR Fraga, LB Silva, PAE Abreu, AS Barbosa, L Isaac*
PS2.40   In silico design of anti-HCV selective high affinity ligands to block HCV E2-CD81 interaction
R R Al Olaby*, R Balhorn, A Olson, H M Azzazy
PS1.22   In vitro activation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells with HIV antigens induces specific T cell response in HIV-seronegative individuals
G.G Silveira, G. Benard*, T.M Oshiro, C. Finazzo, R.M Oliveira, A.J.S Duarte
PS1.28   In vitro assessments of the molecular response of Cancer pagurus haemocytes to infection with the dinoflagellate parasite Hematodinium sp. using quantitative real-time PCR
J L Hoppes*, C Hauton, L E Hawkins
PS2.30   Inactivation of the fim operon in Shigella flexneri: a new pathoadaptative event?
V. Bravo*, A. Puhar, C. Parsot, P. Sansonetti, CS. Toro
PS2.16   Increase of Pfmdr1 N86 genotype after implementation of ACT in field isolats from Franceville
PS2.68   Induction of cell surface, but not soluble HLA-G expression in pandemic H1N1 2009 and seasonal H1N1 influenza virus infected patients
Wei Hua Yan*, Aifen Lin, Bao Guo Chen, Hai Xiao Chen, Wei Wu Shi, Rui Zhen
G Cabrera, C Barria, S Sepúlveda, L Valenzuela, U Kemmerling, N Galanti*
PS2.60   Interaction between host and pathogen: Bacteria producing HlyII.
Zh.I. Andreeva-Kovalevskaya*, V. I. Ternovsky, E. V. Sineva, A. M. Shadrin, V. V. Teplova, A. S. Solonin
PS1.38   Interaction of Tctex-1 cellular protein with 100K protein of bovine adenovirus type 3
Nirajkumar Makadiya*, Suresh K. Tikoo
PS1.46   Interactions of human cytomegalovirus with cellular membranes
V Cepeda, A Fraile-Ramos*
PS2.72   Kinases and phosphatases act together to regulate Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection
T Scanu*, C Kuijl, H Ovaa, J Neefjes
PS2.6   Kinome Response of Human Macrophage Proteins to Mycobacterial Infection
VP Poirier*, HB Bach, YAG Av-Gay
PS2.51   Leishmania amazonensis phagolysosome maturation depends on PI3-Kinase
R. J. R. Guimarães, A. L. N. Silva, M. A. de Souza*, M. E. Beletti, J. D. O. Pena, C. V. da Silva
PS2.21   Lights on oligomeric complexes between human and virally-encoded G protein-coupled receptors
S Nijmeijer, R Leurs, M.J. Smit, H.F. Vischer*
PS2.17   Lipoamide dehydrogenase (Lpd) is a surface expressed protein of Pseudomonas aeruginosa that binds Factor H, Factor H related protein 1 (CFHR1) and Plasminogen
T Hallström*, M Mörgelin, C Skerka, PF Zipfel
PS2.45   Mapping of the Region Critical for the Cytolytic Activity of Vaginolysin, the Main Virulence Factor of Gardnerella vaginalis
Milda Pleckaityte*, Gintautas Zvirblis, Rita Lasickiene, Indre Kucinskaite-Kodze, Aurelija Zvirbliene
O2   Mechanism of Cytoplasmic Dynein Recruitment by Adenovirus
J Scherer*, RB Vallee
PS1.35   Microarray analysis of host gene expression in the silkworm cells infected with Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus
A Sagisaka, J Ishibashi, S Imanishi, K Mita, M Yamakawa, H Tanaka*
PS2.69   Molecular Cloning of the LPG3 gene from leishmania infantum
Leila Pirdel*, Ahmad Zavaran Hosseini, Manoochehr Rasouli, Bahram Kazemi
PS1.50   Molecular mechanisms of Chlamydia escape from host cells
K Hybiske*
O14   Munc13-4 serves a conserved function in maturation of secretory lysosomes in immune cells, while tethering at the plasma membrane requires munc13-4 - rab27a complex
P van der Sluijs*, E Elstak, M Neeft
O5   Mycobacterial granuloma formation and innate host defense in zebrafish embryos
A.H. Meijer*, A. Zakrzewska, C. Cui, O.W. Stockhammer, M. van der Vaart, E.L. Benard
PS1.12   Mycobacterium tuberculosis Protein ESAT-6 is a Potent Activator of the NLRP3/ASC Inflammasome
B.B. Mishra, E. Anes*
PS2.37   Nitric oxide inhibits mglA expression and phagosomal escape of intracellular Francisella tularensis
L Tancred*, M Telepnev, I Golovliov, H Lindgren, B Andersson, A Sjöstedt
PS1.1   Nitric Oxide Shifts Neutrophil Interactions with Bacteria from Phagocytosis to Long-Range Extracellular Binding by Membrane Tubulovesicular Extensions
S.I. Galkina*, G.F. Sud'ina, V.I. Stadnichuk, J.M. Romanova, T. Klein
O11   Nuclear Chromatin Interactions Underlie Epigenetic Regulation of Antigenic Variation
J. M. Bart, D. López-Farfan, D. Landeira, D. Van Tyne, M. Navarro*
O1   Nuclear Transport Machinery: from Viral pathogenesis to Antiviral Response
Miguel Mata, Neal Satterly, Gijs Versteeg, Shuguang Wei, Noelle Williams, Beatriz Fontoura*
PS1.56   Paramecium/Holospora Endobiotic System as a Model for Studying Host-Pathogen Cross-Talk
E.V. Sabaneyeva*, K.A. Benken, M.E. Derkacheva, S.I. Fokin, I.N. Skovorodkin
PS1.19   pH-regulated Antigen 1 of Candida albicans Mediates Fungal Recognition and Enhances the Antifungal Response of Human Neutrophils
Josephine Losse, Eliška Svobodová*, Antje Heyken, Bernhard Hube, Peter F. Zipfel, Mihály Józsi
PS1.48   Plus- and Minus-end Directed Microtubule Motors Bind Simultaneously to Herpes Simplex Virus Capsids using Different Inner Tegument Structures
K Radtke, D Kieneke, W Steffen, T Scholz, A Karger, B Sodeik*
PS1.18   Positive correlation of selenium supplementation and principal antioxidant defenders at sepsis
Janka Vašková*, Ladislav Kocan, Jozef Firment, Ladislav Vaško
PS1.11   Pro-Autophagic Signal Induction by Bacterial Pore Forming Toxins
M Husmann*
PST Veras*, JPB de Menezes, FK Marchini, CM Probst, ALOA Petersen, MA Krieger
PS1.30   Pseudomonas LPS enhances neutrophil influx and inflammation in the lungs of TREM-2 deficient mice and promotes bacterial clearance
O Sharif*, R Gawish, U Matt, K Stich, B Doninger, S Knapp
PS2.52   Rab7, Rab11, and Rab14: Their Role in the Vesicular Traffic of the Fibronectin Receptor (b1EhFNR) During Host-Parasite Interaction
R Javier-Reyna*, V.I. Hernández-Ramírez, D. Flores-Robles, J.L. Rosales-Encina, I.J. Galván-Mendoza, P. Talamás-Rohana
PS1.34   Recombinant Neutrophil Gelatin Aseassociated Lipocalin (NGAL/Lcn2) effectively inhibits platelets- contaminating bacteria
Mehryar Habibi Roudkenar*, Zahra Bakhshandeh, Raheleh Halabian, Mahshid r Mohammadipoor, Abas Ali Imani Foladi
PS2.70   Replication Independent Virus Entry Assay Based on Enzyme Complementation
C Burkard*, PJ Rottier, BJ Bosch
O4   Rhodococcus equi phagosomes: arrest for a rest
A Haas*, K v Bargen, T Sydor, T Dykstra, R Icobescu, G Huth
PS1.47   Riboswitch is a regulator of the noise in mRNA levels
Kandhavelu Meenakshisundaram*, Lihavainen Eero, Healy Shannon, Lloyd-Price Jason, Chowdhury Sharif, Hakkinen Antti
PS2.19   Role of metabolic adaptation in regulation and expression of virulence in Escherichia coli strains.
PS2.9   Role of Mycobacterial Lipids for Survival of Bacteria inside the Macrophage
E Patin*, S Willcocks, U E Schaible
PS2.66   Role of the E. coli Common Pilus in Biofilm Formation and Adherence in Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella pneumonia
Z Saldana*, D Blackburn, M.D. Alcantar, J.A. Giron
PS2.3   Roles played by the RNA chaperone Hfq on the Burkholderia cepacia resistance to stress and virulence
S. A. Sousa, C. G. Ramos, J. H. Leitão*
PS2.65   ROM4-mediated intramembrane proteolysis of AMA1 triggers Toxoplasma to switch from an invasive to a replicative mode
Joana M Santos*, David J P Ferguson, Michael J Blackman, Dominique Soldati-Favre
PS1.53   silCR specific antibodies increase infection severity in a mouse model of necrotizing fasciitis caused by group G streptococcus
a gayego*, a moses
PS1.15   Singapore grouper iridovirus induced paraptosis-like death in host cells via the activation of MAPK signalling pathways
Qiwei Qin*, Youhua Huang, Xiaohong Huang, Yang Yan, Huachun Cui, Jie Gong
PS1.4   Single Oral Gavage with Live E. coli Stimulates Early Systemic TNF-alpha and Nitric Oxide Production in Mice
A Nemec*, A Jerin, I Zdovc, T Budefeld, FJM Verstraete, D Erzen
PS1.20   SOCS-3 in macrophages/neutrophils mediates protection against Mycobaterium tuberculosis infection
E Schmok*, D Rueckerl, M Hessmann, S Ehlers, R Lang, C Hoelscher
PS2.2   Strategies used by Entamoeba histolytica, the agent of amoebiasis, to invade human tissues
N Guillen*, J Santi-Rocca, D Perdomo, C Weber
PS1.29   Strategy for Identification and Validation of Cellular Cofactors of Retroviral replication
CE de Kogel*, A Gallo, J De Rijck, R Gijsbers, F Christ, Z Debyser
PS2.22   Structural Organization of Plasmodium chabaudi Infected Erythrocytes: a Three-Dimensional Visualization Using Different Microscopy Approaches
L.C. Soares Medeiros*, G.M. Rocha, H. Barrabin, W. De Souza, K. Miranda
PS2.39   Study of Mexican lime genes expression during infection with Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia
Maryam Ghayeb Zamharir*, Nader Hasanzadeh, Hamid Reza Zamanizadeh, Ali Alizadeh, Mohsen Mardi, Ghasem Hoseini Salekdeh
PS2.1   Study on the expression of an arabinogalactan gene like in Mexican lime during infection with Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia
Maryam Ghayeb zamharir*, Nader Hasanzadeh, Hamid Reza Zamanizadeh, Ali Alizadeh, Asghar Heydari, Mohsen Mardi
PS2.4   Targeting the Mycobacterium tuberculosis signaling network for antibiotics
zhou peifu*, xie jianping
PS1.8   The Effect of Autoimmunity and Skin Melanization on the Resistance to Murine Malaria
M Waisberg*, BK Vickers, LH Miller, SK Pierce
PS1.31   The Epstein-Barr virus-induced gene 3 (EBI3) regulates inflammatory immune responses during infection with Trypanosoma cruzi
J Boehme*, C Rossnagel, T Jacobs, C Hoelscher, H Erdmann
PS2.33   The ESX-1 secretion system is the molecular mechanism enabling mycobacterial translocation
D Houben*, C Demangel, W Bitter, R Brosch, N van der Wel, P Peters
PS2.36   The Identification of Phosphatases and Phosphatase Inhibitors for Antibacterial Intervention
C. Kuijl*, H. Albers, T. Scanu, N. Farou, H. Ovaa, J. Neefjes
PS2.14   The Interaction of Anti-Microbial Peptides with Mycobacterium spp.
S J Willcocks*, T Gutsman, U Schaible
PS1.51   The interaction of Entamoeba histolytica and enteropathogenic bacteria increase the damage of intestinal cells through the binding and signalling of TLR2 and TLR4 with CRD region of amoebic Gal/GalNAc lectin and bacteria
J.M. Galván-Moroyoqui*, M. del C. Dominguez-Robles, I. Meza
O13   The intracellular parasite Theileria annulata modulates host cell actin dynamics to control cell-matrix interaction and motility
M Baumgartner*
PS1.42   The orphan kinase PfPK7 and the ubiquitin proteasome system are central in melatonin response to Plasmodium falciparum
Celia Garcia*, Fernanda Koyama, Ramira Yuri, Julio Garcia, Dominique Semblat, Christian Doerig
PS1.61   The possible role of PilS and PilV in the interaction of atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli to epithelial cells
NC Freitas, CY Ozaki, CS Souza, KA Aires, RMF Piazza*
PS2.15   The Protease CPAF Is a Major Factor of Chlamydial Pathogenicity and Impairs Host Cell Defense
J G Christian*, S A Paschen, J Vier, G Häcker
PS1.63   The SARS coronavirus E protein interacts with the PALS1 tight junction protein and alters polarity of epithelial cells
KT Teoh, M Schluter, M Peiris, R Bruzzone, B Margolis, B Nal*
PS1.55   The teleost rodlet cell: a question of cellular host-pathogen interaction?
D. Siderits*
PS1.36   The TNF-a antagonist infliximab partially impairs the in vitro tuberculosis-specific immune responses of severe psoriasis patients and healthy individuals with positive tuberculin skin-test
L.C.R. Silva*, A. Geluk, K.C.L.M. Franken, A.J.S. Duarte, M.D.F. Takahashi, G. Benard
PS2.18   The ZnuABC High Affinity Zinc Transporter Plays a Critical Role in Salmonella Pathogenicity and is a Promising Target for Novel Antimicrobial Strategies
S. Ammendola, P. Petrarca, A. Ilari, F. Alaleona, P. Pasquali, A. Battistoni*
PS1.3   Tomato cultivar tolerant to Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus infection induces virus-specific siRNA accumulation and defense associated host gene expression
PP Sahu, NK Rai, S Chakraborty, D Chattopadhyay, M Prasad*
PS2.59   Toxoplasma gondii interaction varies according to host cell microdomains
K.C. Dias-Cruz, W. DeSouza, M. Attias*
O8   Toxosomes: How Cells Dispose of an Undigestable Membrane Pore Complex
M Husmann*
PS2.28   Transcriptional Adaptation of Burkholderia pseudomallei Within Macrophage Cells
S Chieng*, L Carreto, S Nathan
PS2.34   Translocation To The Cytosol Determines Mycobacterial Pathogenicity
N van der Wel*, D Houben, R Brosch, J van Ingen, D van Soolingen, P Peters
PS2.61   Trypanosoma cruzi induces apoptosis in chorionic villi in an ex vivo infection model of human placenta
G Rojo, J Duaso, J Ferreira, F Jaña, N Galanti, U Kemmerling*
O3   Vaccinia Virus Extracellular Virions Exploit Macropinocytosis for Host Cell Entry
F. I. Schmidt*, J. P. Mercer, A. Helenius
PS2.11   XBP1U overcomes the XBP1S-mediated upregulation of the iNOS gene expression in ERS
FengJin Guo*, ChuanJu Liu, JianWei Lin, Ping Liu